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Patient Feedback – Thank you to all our patients who participated in our recent patient feedback survey.  It is always great to get some formal feedback on how you think we are going in caring for your health.

We’re really pleased to report that 97% of our patients ratings were good, very good or excellent across the whole survey.

One area where you have asked us to do better is regarding waiting times to see the doctor.  As you know it can be hard to predict how long an appointment may take, as unexpected issues can arise.  If you feel the appointment you are making may be more complicated, please ask our reception staff to make you a longer appointment, so you can have the time you need with the doctor, without delaying the patients who are booked after you.  Our wonderful reception staff also try to let patients know before they arrive if their doctor is running late or failing that, let them know when they arrive.  Sometimes the reception desk and phones can get very busy and staff may not be able to contact you in time, so we encourage you to call ahead or check when you arrive as to how your doctor is running so you are not waiting longer than is necessary.

After Hours – At Junction Street Family Practice we believe it is important there is a GP available to take care of you at all times.  This is why we have a system in place to provide care 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.  Through the week one of our GP’s will be on the end of the phone if you need assistance.  Over the weekend we share your care with six other local practices who will liaise with us after the weekend about your care.  Please call the surgery where a message will inform you how to contact the after hours service.



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